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goes back to 1983

The history of Nebuló

How it all started – 1983

The story of the Nebuló brand began in 1983, when chemical engineer Miklós Lőrincz developed the non-toxic and washable glue for school use.

This water-based glue was first packaged in plastic oiling bottles.

The non-drip dispenser is
launched – 1986

By 1986, a tube with a non-drip dispenser was developed for the liquid glue, which makes gluing easier for small children.  

This innovative product, at that time unique in the Hungarian market, soon became very popular.

Manufacturing development – 1996

The plastic components of the glue are manufactured by a company-owned injection and blow moulding machine.

Company-owned manufacturing unit – 2004

Warehousing and manufacturing are moved from the basement of the family house to a company-owned facility.

Generational change – 2011

A generational change takes places in 2011, when Dr. Miklós Lőrincz retires and turns over the ever-growing and successful business to his sons. They then form Nebu-Chem Kft., the company under which the products continue to be manufactured.

New image,
new glue products – 2012

All products get a new and unified look, the glue sticks are also sold under the Nebuló brand name. Adhesive putty and a colour fading glue are added to the product line.

Colouring products are available in the product line for the first time – 2014

Colouring products are added to the Nebuló portfolio. Colour pencils, paints, crayons, oil pastels and felt-tip pens are added to the product line. This year the Nebuló mascot appears on the packaging for the first time.

New facility,
new machines – 2018

In 2018, manufacturing and warehousing are moved to the new facility built in Nagytarcsa. New plastic manufacturing machines and adhesive filling machines are installed at the new facility.

The image of Nebuló is refreshed

The brand refreshes its 2011 image to a very youthful and novel look. 

The image of Nebuló is refreshed

The brand refreshes its 2011 image to a very youthful and novel look. 


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